Take Action: Get a Retina Eye Exam

One of the most common diabetic eye diseases is diabetic macular edema (DME). Because DME often doesn’t show warning signs in its early stages, it’s critical for people with diabetes to get a retina eye exam each year. It lets your eye doctor see if there is damage in the back of your eyes. If there is damage, your eye doctor can recommend treatments that may help.

The Retina Eye Exam

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If you have diabetes, you need a retina eye exam every year.

A retina eye exam is painless. But it may make your eyes more sensitive to light for a few hours.

It all starts with a drop in the eye.

The eye drop makes your pupils open wider.

That way, your Retina Specialist can see your retina. He or she may also take pictures of your retina to get a closer look.

Your eye doctor will examine your retina.
This is a thin film at the back of your eye that allows you to see.

You can help prevent vision loss. It starts with a dilated eye exam every year.

Find a Retina Specialist who can help you get started.